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Struggling Mom Gets Pulled Over by Cop, But Instead of Ticketing Her…

Isn’t it about time we heard POSITIVE stories about cops in the media? There are nearly a million law enforcement officers in America, but we only seem to hear about them when a few individuals do something wrong in isolated incidents.

When do we ever hear about those whose duty it is to protect and serve actually protecting and serving? It happens all day, but that’s not “hot” enough to make the evening news, apparently. Here’s one of those stories the mainstream media will NEVER report:

Amber Zakos is a single mom of three little ones, and that leads to difficult judgment calls — Electric bill or diapers? A week of groceries or new shoes for the kids? — that any struggling parent would recognize.

In Zakos’ case, the expense that she let slide was the registration renewal for her car, which was fine until she was pulled over in early December 2016.

Fortunately, that’s where Zakos’ story takes an incredible twist!

She writes:

“My car has no registration, inspection, OR insurance. I know, I know, Get it together, Amber!

But being a single mom of 3 isn’t easy!! So I’m driving this morning to get Blaine from school and BOOM, I get pulled over.

I start panicking!! On top of all that, my driver’s license is in Brian’s car. Extra panicked now!! The officer asks me why I haven’t gotten my tags in over a year!”

“I explain there are things on my car that won’t pass inspection and I don’t have the money to fix them.

He asks me to step out of my car. He takes me by his motorcycle and we are talking about our kids and Christmas.

He hands me a yellow paper. He said ‘You have no tags and no driver’s license on you, OR car insurance. I’m giving you a warning! And I’m giving you this.’

(Hands me an envelope) and says, ‘This is on behalf of the Montgomery County Sheriffs Deputy and myself but you have to open it in front of me.’”

“I opened it and it was a Christmas card that had a $100 in it!!

I broke down crying and gave Officer Ortiz probably the biggest hug he has ever received in his life!!

Thank you to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Dept. and thank you to Officer Ortiz!!

Not only did I get away with close to $1,000 in tickets… I came out $100 ahead!! God is DEF watching out for me!!”

H/T Little Things

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