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Students Boo Univision Host When She Said THIS About Trump!

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A graduation speech is traditionally a time to praise ALL of the students who are graduating.  It is NOT supposed to be a political stump speech which is what Univision’s Maria Salinas produced. She deserved to be booed.

Ms. Salinas decided to divide the crowd by offering an exclusive group a scholarship and speaking in a language many graduates could not understand. Imagine if a white journalist gave an exclusive message to (non-hispanic) white students and offered them a scholarship unavailable to minorities.

It is the Mexican flag at protests, the special messages and advantages (exclusive scholarships and lower SAT requirements) to Hispanics, and the unwillingness of families to learn English that is fueling the enthusiasm behind Trump. If you come to America, become AMERICAN.

From Washington Post:

Salinas gave the keynote address to the entire university Sunday morning, was presented with an honorary doctorate, and spoke some words in Spanish to the parents of graduates. The student body is 40 percent Hispanic, and she felt the speech was well-received; several students thanked her afterward for addressing their parents in their native language. University leaders had encouraged her to say a few words in Spanish, she said; the school is a national leader in the number of Hispanic graduates it produces.

Salinas said Tuesday that she could hear some yelling but she didn’t know what the people were saying. A student told her later that some were upset. She said the dean of the college told her beforehand that they had just started a student-run Spanish-language newscast, and that students would love it if she spoke Spanish. She only spoke for a few minutes, and switched to Spanish briefly to encourage students interested in going into Spanish-language media and to tell them she has a scholarship for them, and the rest of the remarks were to all students, she said.

Yes, Maria… the country is divided right now. Between the invaders who, at the President’s encouragement and enabling, would seek to destroy our culture and our nation, rather than assimilate into it, and the actual citizens who are trying to save it.

You want to give a commencement speech in Spanish? Go give it where the native tongue is Spanish. You insult us on every level, Maria.

Seriously, Maria, are you that socially backward as to turn a graduation address into a political opinion rant?

Watch what happened here:

What is REALLY sad is that there are people like Maria that wish to paint all that desire LEGAL immigration as racist–We have opened our pocket books up and supported millions upon millions of illegals coming into this country for generations—yet all because some find it past time to enforce the laws and our sovereign borders that people like Maria resort to name calling and labels while criticizing our very way of life, because we are based upon the idea of LAW.

The left’s opposition to Trump exposes their true intent (i.e the destruction of America). They fight tooth and nail against enforcing laws (even some of their own backward creations) except when it benefits them, they use the IRS as a policing force to silence their opponents and even oppose basic privacy!

As for you, if you hate our flag so much then leave our country!

Do you agree with this speakers delivery and approach to these students? Share your comments below and let us know what you think. What you would have done if you were sitting in the audience?