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These 50 Students Just Destroyed Their Graduation When They Did This!

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About 50 Tucson High School seniors will not walk at graduation next week due to their involvement in one of the largest cheating scandals of recent memory. Students learned a teacher’s password, logged into grading software, and changed grades.

After four years in high school, you would think these kids would have learned cheating never pays. About a week or so before graduation, these high school seniors just messed up their lives cheating on a final test. Yeah, it might be funny if it was something that you saw on TV or a movie, but this is real-life and the consequences were very severe.

I don’t blame this on the parents I blame this on the children. The parents were not around when these kids decided to concoct a plan to cheat, and they must be held accountable. Not being able to walk on the graduation stage will live with them throughout their life.

From ABC News:

About 50 students at a high school in Arizona have been accused of tampering with grades in what the school district’s superintendent called the largest cheating ring at the school in recent memory.

The majority of the 50 implicated students at Tucson Magnet High School are seniors and they will not be allowed to walk at graduation next week, Tucson Unified School District Superintendent H.T. Sánchez told ABC affiliate KGUN on Wednesday.

“The students are facing the ultimate consequence,” Sánchez said. “Their parents may have sent out graduation invitations, they’re planning parties, but the students will not graduate. They have to take the class, they have to pass it the right way.”

All students implicated in the “grade-changing scheme” will “have to retake a required course to earn credit for it,” the school district wrote in a statement online. “For those who are seniors, graduation will be delayed until credits are completed. It will be offered as an in-person class during the summer.”

These are the kids who will one day be in charge of something. How do you think corruption and dishonesty in the professional world came to be? It’s a total disregard for the rules and the efforts of honest hardworking people. For shame.

So sad for their parents; I can not imagine the disappointment. I would be heartsick if my child had done the paying or the hack/cheat. I’m glad the school is taking this seriously and showing these kids that there are consequences for actions. They need to learn this now, not when they are 30 and the bad judgement calls are even more serious.

H/T- ABC News

What you think should happen to these kids? Do you think that they should face a stiff penalty and fine? Do you think missing graduation is the best punishment for them? Share your opinions below in the comment section I want to hear from you.



  1. Adrian says:

    Why are all your headlines “teasers?” It is crass technique and insulting to readers.

  2. Adrian says:

    Why are all your headlines “teasers?” It is crass technique and insulting to readers.