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Students Play a Harmless Prank; Liberals Are… You Guessed it… Mad!


With the Obama economy failing to provide enough jobs for today’s college graduates, they obviously have a lot of free time.

Time enough to protest a college fraternity purchasing a blow-up doll. In fact, liberals were so mad that they held a mock “slave auction” outside the Phi Delta Theta House at the University of Pennsylvania because the doll was (of course) sexist and racist and the liberals wanted everyone to know just how gosh darned mad they were

The offending students were swiftly dispatched to sensitivity training where, they were presumably told, pranks are no longer tolerated by the Left. But might we suggest the complaining liberals be sent to sense-of-humor training instead?

National Review has the scoop. Be sure to read it all and let us know what you think in the comments section below: