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Study: What’s the One Food That Tastes BETTER on an Airplane?


Don’t you just love air travel? Sitting in your tiny seat, trying to tune out the screams of toddlers and the drone of engines, all while counting down the minutes until you finally touch down in Reno for the business meeting you don’t want to attend.

What’s not to love?

Answer: the food.

Rubber chicken, wilted lettuce, and soggy sandwiches won’t do anything to improve your mood.

But, according to the eggheads at Cornell, one thing might: a Bloody Mary. And no, it’s not because it’s full of booze. It’s because of the umami-rich tomatoes.

Apparently, noisy situations suppress our enjoyment of sugary foods, but enhance our enjoyment of foods rich with umami.

Umami, as all foodies know, is the Japanese term for the “fifth taste” of rich foods.

You don’t really need to know the science. All you need to know is that a couple of Bloodys will likely improve your flying experience. So drink up!

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