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Subway’s Jared Knew Police Would Raid His House But Never Expected THIS Would Take Him Down!

A dog trained to sniff out electronics helped find a piece of key evidence in the Jared Fogle child pornography investigation, according to prosecutors. The Labrador Retriever named Bear has been trained to find electronic media storage devices, such as SD cards and thumb drives.

Federal investigators conducted a search of the former Subway spokesman’s Indiana home in July for electronics. They seized many electronic items. According to RTV6, in Indianapolis, prosecutors said Bear discovered a hidden flash drive at the home that proved to be key to the investigation. The results led to Fogle’s arrest.

Fogle agreed to plead guilty in federal court to possessing child pornography and traveling to pay for sex with minors. Here’s an idea, I am wondering if Bear could be loaned to the Justice Department so they can try to find more of Hillary’s missing emails?


Bear is one of only 5 dogs in the United States with the ability to sniff out electronic devices, including non-powered devices containing memory, such as thumb drives.

While the main purpose of the dogs is currently in finding internet predators and those that trade in illegal pornography, the dogs could certainly be used in military and homeland defense situations to find electronics containing national security information.

Check out this video report:

Dogs are man’s best friend, don’t you agree? This dog did a great service! What do you think of Bear? Share your thoughts below in our comment section and add this story to your facebook/twitter timeline.

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