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WOW! SUPERMAN Just Made His Presidential Endorsement!


It’s a bird…. it’s a plane… it’s… Donald Trump!

Even Superman wants Donald Trump to be President.

Dean Cain — the star of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” — revealed who he would be voting for president during an interview with “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.

“I’m not voting for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, so I guess that makes me a Trump guy,” Cain said.

The actor admitted he had his doubts about Trump at first.

“I wasn’t at all,” he said. “He didn’t have me convinced.”

“Paul Ryan is a smart guy. A lot of people don’t like him at this point in time or call him a RINO, but I think he’s extremely intelligent. I got to sit with him three or four hours, before he was a nominee for

H/T The Daily Caller

A confidential source has informed us that Lex Luther and Bizzaro will be rallying their support behind Hillary Clinton. Share your thoughts on Superman/Dean Cain endorsing Donald Trump for president! 

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