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Supermom Found out a CREEP Was Taking Photos in the Ladies’ Room… What She Did Next Is Heroic!

A Mobile, Alabama mother, along with a group of three good Samaritans are being credited with stopping a man who was responsible for taking photos of young girls and women in a restaurant restroom.

Robyn Toomey-Glass was dining with her family at a San Miguel restaurant when her 11-year-old daughter and a friend went to the restroom. The daughter’s friend came to get Robyn saying that a man was taking photos in the women’s restroom.


Robyn went to the restroom, confronted the man, blocked his escape, and then alerted other diners, who helped capture the suspect, identified as 27-year-old Patrick Herron.

Robyn went on social media and described to horrible event:


Authorities found numerous photos of minors along with one photo of an adult woman that appeared to have been taken in the restroom. Herron is facing charges of Criminal Surveillance, for which he posted bond for. According to a subsequent Facebook post made by Robyn, none of the photos of minors had any nudity, so Herron’s charges weren’t as severe as they could have been.

Check out the video report:

This is a supermom and I am proud to have the opportunity to report on this story. She took a risk and things turned out in her favor. What do you think about the story? Share your thoughts below in our comment section and add this to your social media timeline.

Sources: Fox Carolina, WKRG


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