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SURPRISE! High School Senior Goes on Stage to Accept an Award But Gets Something Even Better!


Madison Hughes, a senior at Herriman High School in Utah, got an incredible surprise during her graduation rehearsal ceremony.

Hughes was called up on stage under the pretense of receiving an award. Administrators played a video message from her brother, Nicholas, who is currently serving overseas in Germany. Nicholas couldn’t make his sister’s graduation, so the video message was a welcome sight.

Not nearly as welcome, however, as what she saw next.


Via Fox 13:

He told his family he wouldn’t be able to visit for another few months, but then he secretly flew home Tuesday in order to arrive undetected at Herriman High School Wednesday morning.

“I didn’t know he was going to be here,” Madison said. “He told me he wasn’t going to be able to come, and, you know, this is the best. I’m so happy right now.”

Pfc. Hughes said he is thrilled to see his sister enjoying the pomp and circumstance of graduation.

“My sister is actually the first one in the family to really walk across the stage,” he said.

Hughes is just as proud of her brother.

“I’m so grateful for my brother. I love him so much!” she said.