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Suspect Breaks Into Home And When He Discovered The Owner Was Home What Happened Next Is Something You Would Never Expect!


Normally it’s the victim of a crime that makes the call to 911. However, in this case, the suspect himself called emergency services after being shot by his would-be victim.

According to local media reports:

A homeowner made a quick decision and shot a man accused of breaking in. That suspect nearly made a quick getaway, but then did something unexpected.

The suspect barely made it a block near Southwest 50th and May before he apparently had to make a life or death decision.

Based on a local newscast, residents of the area say that property crimes have increased in frequency in recent years. The homeowner even believes that the suspect who was shot may have broken into his home before.

Watch this bizarre report:

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h/t – News9

I have to say I’ve heard of some crazy things in my life but this takes the cake. What do you think about this story? Share your comments below and let us know what you would have done.



  1. Fred says:

    To all of you “progressives” who love Darwin and the law of natural selection so much, hopefully the thief and all those like him are shot and killed in their criminal endeavours. It’s simply nature selecting the corrupt and stupid out. But then, you don’t support laws of any sort much, do you?

  2. Ronald says:

    I expect the property owner will end up in a cell of his own. The person wasn’t in his house, and he had no evidence that the guy was any threat to him, and so wasn’t authorized to us deadly force.