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Switzerland Blocks Liberal From Citizenship for Being Too Annoying

Chocolates and army knives aside, the Swiss are also known for their strict enforcement of their nation’s immigration laws. It’s no surprise that an economic powerhouse like them would want to keep low-skilled immigrants out – and they’re a hot spot. Switzerland has the highest Potential Net Migration Index of any European country by a large margin, at +150% according to a 2010 Gallup study. This means that out of an estimated 700 million potential migrants worldwide, about 12 million (150% of Swiss resident population) would name Switzerland as their most desired country of residence.

Among those who didn’t make the cut? A liberal activist, whose neighbors found her too annoying to bare.

A left-wing Dutch vegan who campaigned against cowbells in the Swiss village where she lives has had a request for a Swiss passport thrown out after annoying the locals.

Nancy Holten, who was born in the Netherlands but moved to Switzerland at the age of eight, is a fluent speaker of Swiss German and has children who are Swiss nationals.

Swiss Locals denied Nancy Holton's request for a passport because they were 'fed up' of her challenging Swiss traditions, including campaigning against the use of cow bells

And she wanted a Swiss passport herself, but was refused after locals who were consulted about her request said they were ‘fed up’ of her challenging Swiss traditions by campaigning against the use of cow bells.

The campaign against cow bells by the 42-year-old vegan and animal-rights activist has made her unpopular in the Alpine confederation.

Locals were angry about the increasing media coverage Holten seeks for railing against Swiss traditions. Pictured above, an anti-Holten


And now the majority of residents from Gipf-Oberfrick in the canton of Aargau have successfully blocked her second attempt to get a Swiss passport. The resident’s committee argued that if she does not accept Swiss traditions and the Swiss way of life, she should not be able to become an official national.

H/T The Daily Mail

Talk about enforcing assimilation!
There’s plenty we can learn about combating illegal immigrants from other nations. Mexico, for instance, deports more central-American illegal immigrants than we do in the U.S. They’re doing a better job of dealing with illegal immigration than we are.
Personally, I’m all for allowing vegans to immigrate, so long as they don’t open every conversation by declaring their status as such.