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Watch Syrians BLOW APART ISIS Fighter’s Truck In VIRAL Video

I always feel a bit awkward when I announce that I’ve come bearing good news about ISIS, but today is one of those times.

Of course, “good news” about ISIS can only mean one thing; their demise.

This was the case when an ISIS suicide bomber driving a truck full of explosives headed into the territory of Syrian Kurds. He did detonate – but not on his terms.

An explosives-laden pickup truck driven by an Islamic State suicide bomber was turned into a rolling fireball by Syrian Kurdish fighters – and dramatic video footage of the attack released Monday has gone viral.

“A suicide bomber tried to attack us but my comrades managed to kill him,” one fighter says in the video obtained by France 24.

The footage shows the DIY-looking truck – resembling a creation from the dystopian cult film — barreling along a road in Syria before a missile hits it and sends it bursting into flames.

The fighters are then heard shouting and cheering as black smoke billows into the sky.

The French television station said U.S.-led coalition forces supplied the Kurdish fighters with the anti-tank missile.

H/T FOX News

ISIS has released hundreds of propaganda videos showing their (limited) military successes, and apparently the Kurds are taking a page out of their book. Here’s a similar video (with similar context), released just after last Christmas.

I apologize for missing that one back in December – it could’ve made for a great Christmas present!

ISIS is losing, but their propaganda is stronger than ever. Share this video on social media to get the word out on the truth.

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