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If this doesn’t warm your heart, then I’m not sure what will.

An officer in Louisville, Kentucky who lost his own mother to diabetes, helped a woman struggling to finish a 10K weight-loss challenge get across the finish line when she began to falter.

Asia Ford lost over 200 lbs shortly after her husband lost a hand and leg due to complications from diabetes. That alone is an incredible feat. But Ford, a mother of three, set other goals as well. One of them being to enter and finish the 10K race.

The race was going well at first. She started feeling dizzy and sick at the four-mile mark however, and doubts about her ability to finish started creeping in.

What happened next is amazing from a two-pronged perspective.

First, Ford was being encouraged by EMT workers to go to the emergency room. She refused, and eventually the EMT worker asked, “You’re going to finish this race, aren’t you?”

Second, Ford began to pray for a little help getting to the finish line. And that’s when Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory arrived on the scene. Gregory took her hand and helped her finish the race.

Watch their story below…

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer was also moved by the two-way showing of courage and love.

The pair were honored at City Hall today for their story.

What do you think of what the officer and this woman accomplished?