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Reverend Dr. Ed Taylor has been seen defending his beliefs with a 12-gauge shotgun after a sign he placed outside of his church had gotten vandalized a few too many times.

The sign reads, “No same-sex marriages, our ministers-not gay.”


Taylor simply desires to protect his property and doesn’t want to harm anyone over the sign. He just wants it to be clear that he and his church are standing firm in their beliefs that same-sex marriage is unacceptable.

After he had put up the sign, he had problems with vandals, and instead of calling the police, he devised his plan.

“Because I told them I said, ‘Next time this happens, I’m going to be out there with my shotgun protecting this thing,’” said Reverend Dr. Ed Taylor, according to WNCN. “If they try something, I won’t shoot anybody. I’ll scare them to death, but I want them to know we’re serious about this. This is not a plaything with us.”


Taylor stands outside of the church with his shotgun in hand at nightfall. Although it’s not loaded, the message he is sending possible vandals is clear — stay away. Protecting his beliefs is something he is willing to go to jail over.

Under Tennessee law, you can’t use deadly force to protect property like a sign, you may only use force for self-defense. If he were to shoot someone over the sign, he would go to jail.

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