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The situation in the Duggar household is certainly quite tense as of late. The stars of the show 19 Kids and Counting, a reality TV program about an oversized Christian family in the heart of America have always riled the left, but recent news about child molestation accusations against one of the Duggar sons, Josh, are sadly a dream come true for many. The Washington Post’s Amber Phillips took the opportunity to highlight Josh’s many photo-ops with prominent Republican politicians. Josh Duggar’s position as the (now former) head of the Family Research Council (FRC) afforded him this chance to schmooze with many of the potential candidates for President in 2016. Because of these photo-ops, Phillips claims that anyone who happened to take a photo with Duggar should loudly denounce the star. Mike Huckabee, an outspoken fan of the Duggars, and vice versa, has taken the opportunity to clarify his feelings on what took place between Josh and his five young sisters, writing a defense of the family on Facebook. He writes,

Janet and I want to affirm our support for the Duggar family. Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he…

Posted by Mike Huckabee on Friday, May 22, 2015


Huckabee’s statements are a far cry from what many who have followed the case wanted, though parts of his comments ring true for any unbiased follower of the news, politics and pop culture. There are plenty in the media enjoying the Duggars’ downfall, even though it comes at the expense of their five innocent daughters, who were both abused and then had that abuse exposed in the national media.

Another star with accusations of child molestation against them is also a darling of politicians: Lena Dunham. The difference, though, is that Dunham is a darling of Democrats, not Republicans. Dunham’s child molestation accusations don’t come from old police reports but from the accused herself. In her book, Dunham goes into graphic detail, explaining herself what she did to her infant sister that, for any other child, would have led to intensive therapy and forced separation from her sibling.

Did anyone in the media tell politicians like President Obama to distance himself from Dunham, who went so far as to make a commercial for the President’s reelection?


Of course not, because there’s one key distinction between Dunham and Duggar that explains the media’s handling of child sex abuse allegations: One is lucky enough to be a Democrat. The other will continue to be vilified in the national media for at least another few news cycles.

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