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Whenever you see a memorable dance at a wedding, it’s usually between the bride and groom during their first dance or the father of the bride and his daughter, but this tribute has just started something that will be often imitated and duplicated!

The budding groom and his groomsmen took to the dancefloor to change the old traditions and make it one of the all-time best surprise wedding videos.


Groom, Lanny Smith, took it all back to a song from his father-in-law’s generation that truly expresses how he feels about his special lady.

It’s unsure of how this video is going to go when the groom grabs the microphone from the father of the bride saying, “You’ve always been very protective of Miss Kirbi Thomas over here,” before quickly correcting it to Kirbi SMITH. “She’ll always be your daughter, but she’s my girl now!”

That’s when he cues his groomsmen and leads the choreographed dance to “My Girl” by the Temptations.

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H/T – Earl Thomas