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Ben Carson

Former presidential candidate and now Donald Trump surrogate Ben Carson isn’t a fan of the U.S. Treasury Department’s plan to replace former President Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. In a way it seems as if he thought we should leave well enough alone.

“I think Andrew Jackson was a tremendous secretary, a tremendous president,” Carson told Neil Cavuto during an appearance Fox Business Network with the decision.

Carson’s rationale for that decision stems from Jackson’s most legendary accomplishment, which was balancing the federal budget. As Carson took his lumps yesterday, I actually agree with him.

Harriet Tubman was one very brave woman who deserves recognition, but she isn’t alone. Others certainly warrant consideration — folks like Rosa Parks, Ronald Reagan, and — yes– Andrew Jackson. Was it necessary to remove a U.S. President? Carson’s idea is a good one. Resurrect the $2 Bill. (No $3 Bill comments, please). The Treasury Department has made a recognition mess out of our coinage. I guess now they are starting in on our paper currency.

Ben Carson

From USAToday:

Ben Carson, fresh off beating Ted Cruz in a New York House district during Tuesday’s GOP primary, weighed in on the newest face of the $20 bill, Harriet Tubman.

His suggestion: Maybe she should be on a bill that’s worth less?

Carson’s comment came Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s Cavuto Coast to Coast, where he spoke with host Neil Cavuto.

“Well I think Andrew Jackson was a tremendous secretary. I mean a tremendous president,” Carson, a former GOP presidential candidate who now backs Donald Trump, said of the soon-to-be former face of the twenty.

“Andrew Jackson was the last president who actually balanced the federal budget, where we had no national debt,” Carson said. “In honor of that, we kick him off of the money.”

“Are you anti-Harriet Tubman?” Cavuto asked, presumably meaning anti-putting-Tubman-on-the-$20-bill and not anti-Tubman, just, in general.

“No, I love Harriet Tubman,” said Carson. “I love what she did. But we can find another way to honor her. Maybe a $2 bill.”

The $2 bill was last issued in 2003.

Watch the video report:

Now they take away a president, Andrew Jackson, and replace him with someone else

Will this be a one-time stunt, or is this the beginning of a trend? In this administration, we should be glad they didn’t choose Osama Bin Laden or some Hollywood film star.

The Democrats hate White men and want to get rid of all the White men, including portraits of White men on dollar bills. Andrew Jackson is the first White man getting tossed, and more will come, as long as we vote in a Democrat into the White House.

One day soon, even the portrait of George Washington will be gone from the dollar bill, and will be replaced by, who knows, Barack Hussein Obama. Too much “social justice” behind these kinds of changes. The money has traditionally been the realm of remembering presidents. As Carson eloquently stated, we can find another way to honor Harriet Tubman’s immense contributions.

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We had originally been told for a while that a woman would be replacing Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. Then the story changed – a woman would only be featured on the back of the bill, while Hamilton remained on the front.

Feminists predictably complained that this was giving that woman the Rosa Parks treatment when it come to our currency.

Nevertheless, that story died for a while, but it’s finally back in the news. Once again, the plan has changed, and a woman won’t be appearing alongside Hamilton at all:

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce this week that Alexander Hamilton’s face will remain on the front of the $10 bill and a woman will replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the $20 bill, a senior government source told CNN on Saturday.

That decision would place a female on one of the most widely circulated bills in the world. But the historic change placing a female on the front of the $20 note won’t come for more than a decade, the source said, since the process for changing the design of that note is still in the early stages.

“The soonest that a new $20 note will be issued is 2030,” the source said, citing a lengthy process convened by the Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence steering committee, which includes representatives from the U.S. Secret Service, the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve.

Jackson was notoriously opposed to a central bank, and paper money, so I’m sure he won’t mind being taken off!

H/T: CNN Money

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