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While the media talks about the presidential race like it’s a sure win for Hillary, they’re probably just getting that impression because they’re surrounded by fellow liberals. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have traded their lead in the polls twice already in the past. The first was for a brief point in the end of May, and another after the RNC gave Trump a bump in the polls. The second time Trump took the lead, he lost it following the DNC, when Hillary received a post-convention bump.

Following that, Trump has lagged behind Hillary in every major national poll – until now.

Donald Trump has ju mped ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally in the race for the White House, according to a new poll.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has 40 percent support to Clinton’s 39 percent, according to a poll by the right-leaning Rasmussen Reports released Thursday.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson got 7 percent, and Green Party nominee Jill Steins got 3 percent.

Last week’s edition of the same poll showed Clinton, the Democratic nominee, ahead by 4 points, 42 percent to 38 percent.

Clinton’s support is down 5 points from a high of 44 percent in the Rasmussen poll taken in early August, shortly after the Democratic National Convention.

Trump is also now ahead in a poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times, 45% to 42.4%.

Liberals may think they have this election in the bag, but it’s not over until it’s over. And with someone who seems to be caught in a scandal every few weeks, who knows what could come out about her ahead of November that will further detail her.

H/T The Hill

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