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One of the most bizarre phenomenons over the past few decades has been the emergence of so-called “safe spaces” on college campuses. The term’s Wikipedia page lists it as “referring to a space for individuals who feel marginalized to come together to communicate regarding their experiences with their perceived marginalization, typically on a university campus,” but in reality they’re spaces where leftist ideologues can escape conflicting ideas.

The New York Times told the story on one of them last year, when Katherine Byron, a senior at Brown University and a member of its Sexual Assault Task Force, considered it her duty to make Brown a safe place for rape victims, free from anything that might prompt memories of trauma.

So when she heard last fall that a student group had organized a debate about campus sexual assault between Jessica Valenti, the founder of feministing.com, and Wendy McElroy, a libertarian, and that Ms. McElroy was likely to criticize the term “rape culture,” Ms. Byron was alarmed. “Bringing in a speaker like that could serve to invalidate people’s experiences,” she told the New York Times. It could be “damaging.”

The safe space, Ms. Byron explained, was intended to give people who might find comments “troubling” or “triggering,” a place to recuperate. The room was equipped with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies, as well as students and staff members trained to deal with trauma.

Yes – what sounds like parody has been made into a reality by the Left.

And following Donald Trump’s victory, liberals panicked, realizing they need a bigger safe space.

College students across the country are now demanding that their schools be converted into sanctuary campuses to protect illegal immigrants from President-elect Donald Trump’s vowed crackdown on immigration.

At Harvard University, for instance, “concerned” students and faculty presented a petition to the elite school’s administration in which they “urgently demand that you directly support our undocumented students.”

Among the demands are calls for the hiring of a “full-time Assistant Dean under the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion” whose sole objective will be to “support the undocumented/DACA-mented students at the college.”

Additionally, the ultimatum orders Harvard’s administration to “establish a distinct budget for undocumented students” to “cover fees associated with immigration-related legal proceedings,” and to hire “a mental health professional” to work with “marginalized communities.”

Finally, Harvard students and faculty call on their administration to “proclaim Harvard Memorial Church” a member of “the network of sanctuary churches that provide refuge for students facing deportation proceedings.”

Can we deport the students supporting this insanity? One can only wish. Share if you agree.

H/T Campus Reform

Michelle Fields

Remember Michelle Fields? Since her fifteen minutes of fame ended long ago, probably not.

In case your memory needs a jogging, she’s the reporter who claimed that Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski assaulted her at a campaign event. After a firestorm of media coverage, the evidence came out that the “assault” amounted to Fields being gently brushed aside. You can watch it for yourself.

The controversy coincided with the fact that she had a book that would be released shortly. It’s out now – and her reputation as a hoaxer hasn’t left her. As part of her book tour she was interviewed by Steve Malzberg… and it gets brutal fast.

After Malzberg asks Fields what she thinks about Lewandowski recently being fired by Trump, she stated that she doesn’t see pleasure in anyone losing their income. That prompted the following back and forth:

Steve Malzberg: Let me ask you this. You don’t want to see him lose his job or his income yet you tried to put him in jail for grabbing your arm?

Michelle Fields: No, I didn’t try to put him in jail. Well, the reason I went to the police was because there was a lot of misinformation. And the Trump campaign, of course, was denying that it happened. Corey said I was delusional. That he never touched my arm. There were conspiracies that there were no bruises that the whole thing was just a big hoax (it was). So the reason I went to police was to get someone who was an outsider who was objective to look at the information and kind of get the videos of what happened. Get the pictures of my arm. And when I spoke to the prosecutor I said, “Look I don’t want to go to court. All I want is an apology.” We agreed to that beforehand…

Malzberg:Wait, wait wait… The prosecutor conducted an investigation with the preconceived condition that there would be no court case? That the prosecutor would aim to get you an apology? That’s what you’re telling me?

Fields: Yeah, that’s not news. That is something I had spoken about before during the whole…

Steve Malzberg: I know you wanted an apology. But why would a prosecutor pay taxpayer’s money? What you’re saying is if a wife is beaten by her husband she doesn’t press charges I don’t think that she can say ‘Hey, go ahead with the investigation. I don’t want want anything to happen to him. I don’t want to go to court, but I want him to apologize.’ I don’t think it works that way. So who is the prosecutor that agreed to this?

Malzberg then put a quote from Field’s book up on the screen:

malzberg michelle fields lies

….to which Fields claimed wasn’t part of her book.

Apparently she must’ve hired a ghostwriter and never bothered to read her own book, as the quote is from the mere introduction of the book. You don’t have to do more than look at the preview on Amazon to find it.


You can watch the train-wreck below:

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Trump Twitter

Maybe the Republican National Committee (RNC) is growing a spine after all. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus saw Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton respond to Donald Trump’s earlier tweet with a childish comeback. Honestly, I didn’t even think she did it. That response looked like it was crafted by a staffer no older than 23 years old.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 6.48.37 PM

Hillary Clinton will run out of talking points about Donald Trump long before Donald Trump runs out of talking points about her…he has tons of material waiting in the wings. She is foolish to open the tweet door. Someone should probably tell Hillary that tweets urging people to “delete” things are not the best idea.

From The Hill:

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus on Thursday inserted himself into a Twitter battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, attacking Clinton’s private email server scandal.

After the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee told Trump to “delete your account,” Priebus responded, “If anyone knows how to use a delete key, it’s you.”

Priebus earlier Thursday responded to President Obama’s endorsement of Clinton by going after Clinton’s email scandal, saying she “put our national security at risk” and accusing her of creating the arrangement to “obscure her unethical dealings.”

“I don’t think there’s been a candidate for this office more unethical and untrustworthy than Hillary Clinton,” Priebus said in a statement, mentioning the FBI investigation into her email arrangement.

Clinton’s instantly viral tweet calling on Trump to “delete your account” came after Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, accused Obama of endorsing Clinton because the two-term president wanted “four more years” and that “nobody” besides Obama wants that to happen.

Nice comeback Chairman. It looks like Priebus has some “Trump Fire” inside his belly huh? It’s about time.

It seems the FBI got ahold of her damning deleted emails, coincidentally about the time they interviewed the hacker said to have hacked her illegal unsecured servers. Info can be found they’ve made their case against her, including for her cover-up attempts and perjury. She’s stupid to even say the word “delete.”

Bernie Sanders made the mistake of bending to her “rules” about valid questions in the debates, I would hope Trump is not so foolish. If she wants to open doors, I hope he walks right in; the media won’t give us these facts about her corruption. Now will the justice system be allowed to work, or be obstructed and fail, which would be the failure of our entire government? The stench of revelations goes right to the TOP.

I have to give it to the Chairman, that was an excellent save. Did you think Priebus got his message across? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this story to your Facebook and Twitter page.

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Pawn Stars

Rick Harrison, the host of Pawn Stars, one of the most popular reality shows on television, has announced who he is supporting for president in the 2016 election, and he’s taking some heat for it.

In an interview with Fox and Friends, Harrison announced he was supporting Marco Rubio for president.

Pawn Stars

Harrison said the following about Rubio:

“…the entire time I talked to him, all he wanted to do was talk about people. He never mentioned the party once…this guy honestly cares about the American people, and free enterprise.

You’ve seen my show; I’m a history nut. If you look back, the number one thing that has always brought people out of poverty–no matter where they’re at in the world–is the ease of doing business. [Rubio] wants to make it easier to do business.”

While Harrison had previously endorsed Rubio, the move is getting more attention now as Rubio seemed to gain quite a bit of ground during and following the last GOP debate.

“I’m a celebrity and I do endorsements, and things like that. When you endorse a Republican, usually it’s suicide.”

Harrison isn’t the first celeb to face backlash for endorsing a conservative candidate or “coming out” as a Republican. Kelsey Grammar, Kelly Clarkson, James Woods, and Stacey Dash have all reported issues in Hollywood over their political views.

Check out Harrison’s interview on Fox

Do you care if Harrison endorses Rubio? Will that stop you from watching his reality TV show? Share your comments below and let us know.

Bill Clinton

Author Ed Klein told Fox and Friends that he knows who Bill Clinton sees as the biggest obstacle for Hillary’s chances of being the next President. Klein interviewed several of Bill’s friends and they all repeated the same thing.

Bill believes Marco Rubio offers the most stark contrast and challenge to Hillary. Clinton told his friends they “need to destroy him before he gets off the ground.”

HASSELBECK: “Did the source also correctly say this, and I’ll quote from the source, ‘We’ve got to destroy him before he gets off the ground?’”

KLEIN: “That’s exactly what Bill said. And he said this in front of a group of friends, and I interviewed some of them.”

Rubio’s age is a stark contrast to Hillary as he is in a separate generation. And he has shown that he is able to handle the press in a confident and relatable manner. Hillary Clinton continues to stumble with questions regarding her scandals. With so many Americans viewing Hillary as being unlikeable, Rubio would be an incredibly challenging opponent for the former First Lady.

What do you think about this revelation? What do you think the Clintons will do to “destroy” Marco Rubio? Please comment below.

H/T: Third Base Politics




Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to struggle amid her numerous scandals. The email scandal which the former First Lady has repeatedly attempted to dismiss, continues to engulf her lagging campaign.

Clinton’s use of a personal email server for official State Department business has created a transparency issue for Hillary as well as a national security issue for the country. And now it has been exposed that hackers attempted to break into her email.

The emails that have already been released point to the former First Lady being out of touch with technology. One email showed she needed someone to turn on the ringer on her phone. It is unknown whether she knew not to click on the links in these emails to expose herself to the hackers.

On MSNBC, AP Reporter Bradley Klapper stated, “Clearly, the danger was present. Clearly, hackers knew enough to target her email address, which was not public.”

Hillary’s email scandal has left the public feeling that she is untrustworthy. Her poll numbers continue to drop as more information is released and she continues to dismiss the severity of it. If hackers were able to break into her server, they would have been privy to classified information that should not have been available to the public.

Do you believe this scandal will spell the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Please comment below.

H/T: Free Beacon


A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows that if the election for president were to be held today, vice-president Joe Biden would beat several Republican candidates on the slate.

The closest any Republican chosen would come to defeating Biden involves a matchup with Carly Fiorina, who would lose 47 to 41%.

At the same time, the latest poll asking Americans about their satisfaction with the Obama-Biden administration shows that an overwhelming 67% think America is headed in the wrong direction.

So how could voters feel strongly that the country is headed in the wrong direction but still want more of the same in Biden?

Bill O’Reilly believes he has the answer – Too many Americans don’t pay attention, don’t care, and “are simply dumb.”

Watch O’Reilly’s controversial remarks…

Via Fox News Insider:

“The Factor” host said that Biden, as the vice president, endorses pretty much everything President Obama does, which has resulted in a poor economy and terrible foreign policy.

“So why would you vote for him?” O’Reilly wondered. “Talking Points believes the answer to that question is kind of cruel: Many Americans are simply dumb. They don’t know what’s going on, they don’t pay attention, they don’t care.”


It seems rather controversial to say Americans are dumb, but perhaps it explains how we ended up with a wealth redistributing, climate change fearing, radical Islamic sympathizing, pixie-dust President the last six plus years.

Comment: Can the Obama administration and Joe Biden numbers only be explained by the stupidity of the American voter, or is O’Reilly completely off base?



Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stunned the nation yesterday with his decision to drop out of the GOP race for the White House. The one-time front runner in Iowa announced that he was withdrawing, becoming the second high-profile name to depart the race after former Texas governor Rick Perry.

And what made him choose to quit the race? Well, CNN dropped a bombshell poll the day before he ended his fight for the White House. And while the poll showed some candidates – notably Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio – gaining on front runner Donald Trump, Walker number’s had imploded. Having gone from leading the pack in Iowa, according to CNN his numbers nationwide has collapsed. How bad was it?

He couldn’t even gather 1% of likely GOP voters. Walker, the conservative hero, was reduced to just 0.3% support.

With numbers like that, no wonder he decided to quit.

What do you think of Gov Walkers decision to end his White House run? Let us know below.


carly fiorina

How bad is it getting for Hillary Clinton’s campaign these days?

MSNBC has been mocking her and is now singing the praises of another woman running for President.

Earlier this week, the staff of Morning Joe blasted Hillary for a speech she gave in front of a Women For Hillary rally, saying her performance was “horrific,” chastising her for being unable to tell the truth, and suggesting she “should fire most of her staff.”

By contrast, another presidential candidate is earning high marks from the folks at Morning Joe – and that candidate just so happens to be a woman as well. A Republican woman.

Via the Free Beacon:

Fiorina, meanwhile, is “making waves,” as Brzezinski put it, after her new ad that was an unsubtle response to Trump’s comments about her face.

“This is the face of a 61-year-old woman. I am proud of every year and every wrinkle,” Fiorina says in the ad.

“Oh my gosh, that would be how you do it,” Brzezinski said after watching it. “That would be how you do it.”

“I got chills,” Scarborough said. “That’s how you do it.”

“We’ve been saying for months, she’s proved us right at the first debate, she’s proved us right again here with this ad,” co-host Willie Geist said. “She’s running a great campaign… That’s how you turn a moment like that, and without making a cheap attack back at Donald Trump, turn it into something like that ad we see right there.”

Fiorina’s campaign has been surging recently, earning a spot in the upcoming CNN Republican debate. Conversely, Hillary’s poll numbers have plummeted, even losing 30 points in support amongst women voters.

The two women seem to be headed in opposite directions, and the fact that even MSNBC is taking notice should be a major concern for Team Clinton.

Comment: Who do you think is running a better campaign, Hillary or Carly Fiorina?

For all of you Carly supporters, check out this page dedicated to everything Carly Fiorina.