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Jeb Bush

It’s no secret that Jeb Bush’s campaign is on a death-watch. The former Florida governor has sagged in the polls. His last name is proving to be baggage to him during this primary and he just doesn’t seem to be enthused about his own campaign.

Bush is panicking and attacking other candidates. The candidate he is targeting the most is Marco Rubio. But it wasn’t that long ago that Jeb was a very vocal supporter of Rubio. Jeb supported the Florida Senator in his 2010 primary against then Governor Charlie Crist.

Even more recently, Jeb was tripping himself to praise Rubio, even recommending him as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012.

Thanks to Youtube, we are reminded of these words. And these words could very well come back to haunt Jeb. Now as he continues to assail Rubio’s credentials, this reminds us Bush was fine with these same concerns just a short time ago.

Jeb was on Team Marco until they became competitors. Now, those same praised he heaped on Marco are what he criticizes.

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During a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Monday, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump dropped a bombshell about his past that has liberals everywhere outraged.

According to CNN, Trump stirred up controversy when he depicted a $1 million loan he received from his father as “small.”

“My whole life really has been a ‘no’ and I fought through it,” Trump said at the NBC-sponsored town hall event. “It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me. And you know I started off in Brooklyn, my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.”

Trump was answering a question from a Republican who asked him, “with the exception of your family, have you ever been told no?”

When Trump was pressed about his answer, he acknowledged that a million dollars may seem like a lot to some, but, “a million dollars isn’t very much compared to what I’ve built.

Liberals claim that this is evidence that Trump is “out of touch,” but that’s not what this means at all. Trump has amassed a multi-billion dollar net worth, and though he was born into a wealthy family, much of his success has come from his own hard work. For a multi-billionaire like Trump, $1 million really is a “small loan.”

In the end, Trump would be an amazing president because he would run this country like a business. He would bring his unprecedented success in the business world to the White House, and that’s EXACTLY what we need!

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Back To The Future

October 21, 2015 is “Back To The Future” Day. It’s the day Marty McFly landed in the future in the classic 1989 movie Back To The Future, Part II. While the movie predicted such things as hover boards, self-tying shoes, flying cars, and holograms, it didn’t touch politics per se.

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio released an ad for the occasion that reminds us of how the Democrat presidential candidates are the politicians of yesterday. Their ideas and their political careers are stuck in the past.

In 1989, Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, who is expected to announce yet another White House bid, had already been in the Senate for 16 years. Hillary Clinton was the First Lady of Arkansas at the time.

Check out the video, and enjoy Back To The Future Day!

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Every Presidential election, pollsters ask voters which candidate they would rather have a beer with. This seemingly silly question is marginally important because Americans want to like their President. They want a President who is both a leader and relatable.

Marco Rubio’s campaign highlighted his likability in an ad of the Senator answering questions while catching footballs. Voters who didn’t already know will learn that Rubio was a college football player.

The ad also plays off an “oops” at the Iowa State Fair in which a young boy dropped a pass Rubio threw at him. Rather than run from the fumble, Rubio embraced it, reaching out to the child in an engaging and relatable manner.

This ad shows how well Rubio would perform in a general election matchup with Hillary Clinton. The former First Lady has trust and relatability issues with voters. Rubio is not only likable, he is well versed on the topics and has specific action items.

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Donald Trump recently insulted Carly Fiorina’s looks, saying nobody would vote for her because of her face. Fiorina came back saying that she knew Trump was trying to flirt with her. This exchange is leaving people wondering what fireworks might occur between the two at the the second Republican debate.

But, her Super PAC upped Carly’s game early. They turned Trump’s insult into an powerful ad that works to Carly’s benefit. The Washington Post dubbed it the best ad of the election cycle thus far.

CARLY for America’s ad is one about faces, specifically women’s faces. And it takes on the Democrat’s demeaning attitude that women are nothing more than a special interest group. It provides a sharp contrast between the former Hewlett Packard CEO and former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

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