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Supreme Court

In a stunning ruling, the Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to assault weapons banns in New York and Connecticut, a week after the terror attack in Orlando.

The ruling leaves in place two of the strictest anti-gun laws in the country, a major blow to supporters of the Second Amendment.

From ABC News:

The Supreme Court has repeatedly turned away challenges to gun restrictions since two landmark decisions that spelled out the right to a handgun to defend one’s own home.

In December, less than a month after a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scaliadissented when the court refused to hear an appeal to overturn a Chicago suburb’s ban on assault weapons. Scalia died in February.

Seven states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws banning assault weapons. The others are California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. In addition, Minnesota and Virginia regulate assault weapons, the center said.

Connecticut and New York enacted bans on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines in response to the December 2012 massacre of 20 children and six educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The gunman, Adam Lanza, shot and killed his mother before driving to the school where he gunned down the victims with a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle. Lanza then killed himself.

In Orlando, gunman Omar Mateen used a Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle and a pistol during the attack at Pulse nightclub. Mateen was killed in a shootout with police after killing 49 others.

This is a breaking news story so we will bring you and new details as they come in! 


The D.C. Court of appeals just issued a major pro-gun ruling that has President Obama fuming!

In a 2-1 decision, the court ruled that Washington, D.C. must allow ex-prison guards to carry guns on them.

From Fox News:

Four former prison guards who were barred from carrying concealed guns despite a 2004 federal law that gave off-duty and retired law enforcement officers the right to pack heat won a landmark court victory on Thursday.

In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Washington D.C. Circuit held that the city’s Department of Corrections improperly barred the men from carrying concealed firearms, saying the 2004 Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act guaranteed their right. The court rejected the city’s argument that the law does not apply to corrections officers because they lack arresting authority.

“[Congress] left no discretion for a state to revise the historical record of an individual qualified law enforcement officer,” read the majority opinion.

The law was intended to improve response to threats in public as well as to allow current and former law enforcement officers with at least 10 years’ experience the ability to protect themselves from criminals they may have had past dealings with. Although plaintiffs Robert Smith, Ronald DuBerry, Harold Bennette and Maurice Curtis all said they regularly received threats from inmates they once guarded, their applications for concealed-carry licenses were denied.

“I will not certify an application request for carrying a concealed weapon under LEOSA for retired employees, as corrections officers do not meet all of the required elements necessary.” Corrections Department Director Tom Faust said at the time.

It is not clear whether the decision will be appealed, but it makes clear for now that the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act must extend to retired and off-duty corrections officers as well as state and local police and federal agents.

Smith, who retired as a Corrections department firearms instructor, told the The Washington Times in 2014 that he was fired upon by men he suspects were former inmates as he took out the trash outside his home.

“They remember you,” he said.

This is a huge win for these ex-prison guards and the Second Amendment, and Obama surely will not be happy with this ruling!

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The 2nd Amendment is under attack! Not just from Obama and Congress, but from local-level legislatures too!

California has passed horrible anti-gun bills and Illinois is looking to do that same.

Well, it is time to add a third place to the list of “Americans who hate the Bill of Rights.”

But it isn’t a place you’d expect, or maybe have even heard of!

Via Conservative Tribune:

If you want to exercise your constitutional rights in the Northern Mariana Islands, you’d better be willing to fork up $1,000. The U.S. territory just decided to implement a handgun tax on any gun purchased on the islands, no matter what size or caliber.

According to the Marianas Variety, the bill was passed after the island’s gun ban was struck down last month. The bill also included language that said guns should only be used for self-defense.

This is a de facto BAN on guns! I know they might not think it, but the Constitution applies to the North Mariana Islanders just as much as it does to you and me! An injustice to one American is an injustice to every American!

Hopefully someone will challenge this and it will get kicked out.

Maybe it will be the Islanders who voted for Trump?

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2nd amendment shirt for 50

While many on the left want to destroy guns rights, some state legislators are putting protections in place to ensure the strength of our 2nd Amendment endures.

Iowa is the latest state to take a stand!

via Guns.com

It was Second Amendment Day in the Iowa State House as lawmakers passed five pro-gun bills including one that would make the state the 42nd to legalize suppressors.

The suppressor bill started life as HF 2043 introduced by Speaker Pro Tem Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, who in both 2014 and 2015 tried to move similar legislation through to allow state residents to legally possess firearm suppressors so long as they are properly registered with the federal government.

Withdrawn, the measure became HF 2279 which Rep. Terry Baxter, R-Garner, managed on the floor to an easy 74-24 win.

“I call it the ‘Hearing Protection Bill.’ Suppressors do four important things to protect hearing,” Baxter told Guns.com, outlining the reasons he, as an avid sportsman and hunter, backed the legislation. “First, they eliminate the muzzle blast that damages hearing. Second, they reduce the overall sound by 20-35 percent. Third, they direct much of the remaining sound down range. Finally, they cut the ‘echo factor’ making it easier to pinpoint other shooters in the field. This is why 41 states have legalized suppressors.”

Great news for Hawkeyes! Way to go, Iowa!

Now Watch This. Iowa also passed legislation on teaching the importance of firearm safety to children!

Are you glad states are standing up for the 2nd Amendment?

Obama Wants To Take Your Guns (3)

Democrats nationwide have been trying (and thankfully failing) to curb the 2nd Amendment and take our guns away!

But one Dem-controlled state just took a frightening step in that direction!

Via Guns.com

A trio of bills in the Illinois Senate could lead to more denials of Firearm Owners Identification Cards as well as mandate police remove firearms from those without one.

Introduced last month, the proposals would compare FOID card applicants against terror watch lists, revoke cards of those later diagnosed with mental disability or a finding that a person has been involuntarily admitted, and direct police to pursue the seizure of guns from those who have lost their cards

Woah. That is straight up confiscation! Also there are a ton of problems with so-called “terror watch lists”

And guess which places is the model for this legislation?

Gun control advocates see the package as extending the firearms regulations common in Chicago to the rest of the state. Indeed, in 2013 Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart established small teams of deputies to go door-to-door rounding up firearms, ammunition and FOID cards from convicts and individuals adjudicated mentally defective.

That’s right, they think Chicago, the murder capital of America, is a MODEL for gun control!

When will the left learn to respect our 2nd Amendment?

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Facebook hates Israel.

But now they’ve revealed themselves as haters of the 2nd Amendment!

Via Guns.com

The private sale of firearms is now banned on Facebook and its sistered site Instagram, the social media company announced late Friday.

The ban applies to private, person-to-person sales of guns, but posts by licensed gun dealers are okay. Facebook already prohibits unauthorized dealers to purchase, sell, or trade prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or marijuana.

So Facebook thinks legally owned guns are the same as cocaine and heroin? OK….

I think I’m just about to quit Facebook. Between the links my idiot leftist uncle shares and all my college friends “Feeling The Bern”. I think I’ll just go back to Myspace or just read a book.

Now Watch This

I think I’m gonna boycott Facebook now…join me?