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The President and his liberal colleagues — in politics and the media — are turning police officers throughout the nation into sitting ducks due to their anti-cop rhetoric. So, members of the Boston Police Union sent President Obama a powerful message.

Obama was in town for a Labor Day speech but Boston police officers stood him up.

via The Daily Caller:

Police officers boycotted President Obama’s Labor Day address in Boston after what they called a “horror show” of violence against police, complete with no show of support for law enforcement by Obama.

Jerry Flynn, the executive director of the New England Police Benevolence Association, told the Boston Herald that the association’s members “are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda, and unfortunately the police are not part of his agenda.”

Flynn went on to say that it’s unacceptable that the police should continue to feel unprotected by the commander in chief, and that even a statement denouncing the killings would be better than nothing.

Flynn continued to voice his anger with the President, calling the spate of recent police shootings and killings a “horror show” of “lawless people trying to kill police officers.”

Referring to the Deputy who was killed execution-style in Texas, Flynn asked,

“Where was (Obama)?”

“Why wasn’t he there instead of a unity breakfast?”

Apparently these statements and the boycott hurt the President’s feelings:

Apparently the thin-skinned President can get enraged over a boycott of his precious speeches, but when police officers are consistently being gunned down he’s nowhere to be found.


Comment:  Do you agree with the Boston Police Union’s actions in boycotting President Obama?