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I guess when they were deciding which sins to list as the seven deadliest, hypocrisy somehow didn’t make the cut.

Which is good news for documentary film-maker and left-wing crusader Michael Moore, whose divorce proceedings reveal some rather sumptuous living arrangements.

Thanks to some great reporting from the Detroit News, we now know that Moore is the proud owner of 9 properties in Michigan and New York, which he is currently dividing up with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

These properties include a plush New York condo, and a  lakefront mansion which “boast turrets, bay windows and hand-cut timber framing,” according to the report.

But Moore shouldn’t feel too bad.  He joins a long list of liberals who preach about inequality while living like the Great Gatsby. Senator Elizabeth Warren owns a $5 million home in Massachusetts, while still claiming she’s not in the 1%.  And our future president, Hillary Clinton, is raking in the big bucks through speaking engements … which is a great way to escape the poverty she and Bill found themselves in after leaving the White House.

Perhaps we should give hypocrisy another shot at getting onto the seven deadliest list.