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Take A Look At This Castle For Sale … In Connecticut!

castle 1

If you’ve ever gotten a kick watching Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, and if you have a spare $41.5 million laying around, then feast your eyes on what could be yours:

castle 6

It’s a castle … right in the heart of leafy, New Worldy Connecticut.

This 22,377-square-foot mansion comes with a moat/pool, 8 bedrooms, and a turret for when you want to admire your land while wearing that costume you picked up from the renaissance fair.

The only thing that might hold you back from putting your offer in for this castle is that has a little shady history. But come on, it’s a castle! You expected it to have shady history, didn’t you?

castle 5

castle 2

The castle was built for $4 million by eccentric millionaire Christopher W. Mark, who tried to use it as a base for a series of failed businesses, including a modeling agency and wildlife center.

After he divorced his wife, she accused him of being so negligent that the camel in the wildlife center starved to death. Soon after, Mark moved his girlfriend into the mansion, but then kicked her and the child he had with her onto the streets, proving that he treats humans as badly as he treats animals.

So if you feel good about giving this man $40 million bucks, then happy bidding! At least once you’ve done the deal you can go to sleep at night in a room that looks like this:

castle 3

H/T: Curbed.com

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