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Check Out What The NAVY Just Got For Christmas!


Its the largest and most expensive destroyer in the history of naval warfare.

And last night, it slipped out of the docks at Bath Iron Works in Maine, heading towards the ocean.

Meet the USS Zumwalt, the newest addition to the American fleet. It will spend this winter undergoing sea trials before being passed on to the Navy in 2016.

Just how big is this ship? Well, take a look at the photo below, with folks walking next to it’s hull. That’ll give you a sense of how huge the Zumwalt is:


But it’s not only the size of the destroyer that has people excited; this ship boasts a weapons system unlike anything ever seen. It’s so futuristic that the skipper of this destroyer is called Captain James Kirk.

With terrorist threats abounding, the Zumwalt is a welcome addition to America’s armed forces.

Godspeed, Captain Kirk!

H/T: Business Insider

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