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Take A Peak At The Army’s New ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Vehicle!

MANDATORY CREDIT: BAE/REX Shutterstock. Editorial use only. **EMBARGO 00.01 12th February** Mandatory Credit: Photo by BAE/REX/Shutterstock (5585740b) Terrier combat vehicle (EMBARGO 00.01 12th February) Terrier combat vehicle upgraded with new innovations - 11 Feb 2016 **EMBARGO 00.01 12th February** FULL COPY: http://www.rexfeatures.com/nanolink/ry7e Widely regarded as the ?Swiss Army Knife? of combat engineering vehicles, BAE Systems? Terrier has been fitted with new technologies and systems by its defence engineers. The updated vehicle offers a new telescopic investigation arm and the ability to wade through two metre wave surges. The telescopic investigation arm extends over 8m from the vehicle ? one of the longest in the world available for such a vehicle - allowing crews to probe and unearth buried devices from a safe distance. Additionally, the vehicle can now be exported with a rock hammer, ripper and earth augur ? hugely extending its capabilities.

It has so many different uses that military brass have taken to calling it the “Swiss Army Knife” vehicle, and now it’s rolling off of production lines and into the British Army’s fleet of vehicles.

The Terrier, produced by BAE systems, is designed to operate to help give the good guys an advantage over their enemies in shaping the battlefield to their advantage. Whether it’s wading through water (the Terrier can withstand 6ft. waves) or destroying enemy roads or runways (it also has a hammer that can split concrete) the Terrier is the vehicle that will allow Coalition forces in the Middles East and elsewhere to operate in almost any hostile situation.

Oh, and just to make it extra cool, it can be controlled remotely, leaving our troops free to control the Terrier far from the hot zone it operates in.

H/T: London Telegraph

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