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Target Refuses To Budge In The Face Of The Politically Correct Mob!


The outrage season is upon is. The department store Bloomingdale’s has drawn the (justified) ire of many with a tasteless ad in its catalog basically making light of date rape. The corporate headquarters, understandably, issued an immediate apology. There are many other outrages that are far less justified.

Strangely, holiday sweaters have been targeted by the PC Police this Christmas season. Nordstrom’s is one of the first to take a hit, pressured into taking a satirical Hanukkah sweater off racks. Facebook fans called the sweater anti-Semitic and immediately, the store responded saying  “wasn’t something we should have offered and are no longer offering it.”

Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 9.04.10 PM

Another store, Target, isn’t letting a social media pounding take its products off the racks. The sweater, which says “OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder” has drawn the ire of many who claim that it trivializes mental health issues. Shoppers took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to express their disappointment in the product.  For one of the first times in recent memory, a store has refused to bend to the demands of the politically correct mob on social media. While the communications department has apologized if people were offended by the merchandise, they refuse to stop selling it.

If only Nordstrom’s had the same courage. I can’t be the only Jewish woman who would have snatched the tacky Hanukkah sweater off the racks!

Comment below: Do you think Target should have stopped selling the sweater?


Comments on “Target Refuses To Budge In The Face Of The Politically Correct Mob!”

  1. Jackie says:

    Well, at least they are consistent. They promote gay marriage by advertising wedding registries for gay couples (“Get a little something special for yourselves.”), and now they are ridiculing people who find Christmas a meaningful reminder of Christ’s birth. It seems to me that they are consistently anti-Christian. I wonder if they realize that while Americans who identify themselves as gay comprise about 2% of the US population, whereas a whole lot of Christians shop in their stores. I wonder which group they would rather lose as customers? They lost me a long time ago with their anti-Christian agenda.