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Illegals to Taxpayers: Thanks for the Limo Rides and Free Housing!


With a rising tide of illegal immigrants coming into Europe, the vast majority of whom are young, male Muslims, governments are having to confront the problem of how to house, feed, and transport them.

So perhaps we should offer a little sympathy to the incompetents who run Britain’s immigration authority, who have come upon a great new way to both waste taxpayers money and enrage native Brits:

They are now using a stretch Hummer limo to ferry illegal immigrants around the country.

Take a look at the sumptuous interior of the car which took seven African men from Kent, where they arrived illegally, to their new, taxpayer funded home in Manchester:


The Home Office, which “manages” immigration in the UK, apologized, saying it was a mistake for it’s contractor to use the limo to transport the illegals.

The total cost of the journey to the taxpayer we approximately $5,000.

Perhaps this cost should come out of the salary of whoever made the stupid mistake of hiring the limo? Somehow, however, I doubt that will happen.

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H/T: Breitbart London