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HA! Teachers Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

We’ve all embarrassed ourselves in school before but it’s not just our fellow students who’ve been in the same boat. Imagine being a teacher and embarrassing yourself in front of the students you see everyday. A thread on Reddit asked “Teachers of Reddit, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve accidentally said/done in class?”

Here are the funniest (and cringiest) responses:

Teachers Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

1. My nose was super clogged from a head cold, and I hate blowing my nose in front of my students. I have a closet in the back of the room that I escape to to release some of the pressure. At home, my husband and I joke that when I blow my nose it feels like parts of my brain are coming out too from all the pressure release. One thing lead to another, and I casually mentioned I was heading to the closet to “blow my brains out”. The students were understandably concerned.

2. As a camp counselor I was kind of absentminded when the kids were telling me stories one day. One told me that he had fainted once from heat stroke. While listening I was thinking out loud and said, “what if you actually died that day and we’re all actually just waiting in purgatory?”
There was an awkward silence and the boy said, “Ms. Mae, I don’t like that.”

3. I had a math professor who would come into class everyday and start writing on the board. He’d get right into it everyday go the whole lesson without stopping. He had a bad gas problem and would fart while teaching sometimes loud sometimes soft. I didn’t know who it was at first me and my buddy would sit in the back and giggle. Once we started failing the class we started sitting in the front and paying attention. And that’s when we found out…
And that’s when we found out it was our teacher. He’d fart and just keep going with out skipping a beat. On his part it’s probably the best way to handle the situation, but there was some times I had to leave class because I started laughing so hard.

4. I’m a professor at a university, and I know this doesn’t exactly answer the question, but 5 minutes ago I let my class go 30 minutes early because I felt a huge fart coming.

5. Recently I said “penis” instead of “pieces” while reading Of Mice and Men aloud to a class of 9th grade boys. I work at a Catholic school.
One kid’s response was simply, “Niiiiice.”

6. I’m a PE teacher at an elementary school. We were in the middle of a gymnastics unit and I was demonstrating a forward roll for a 3rd grade class. When I flipped, I saw something pink fly out of my pants leg….it was a pair of my daughters underwear that must have clung to the inside of my pants when I got them out of the dryer. I picked them up before any of them really noticed exactly what they were.

8. Not so much embarrassing as confusing and concerning, but while I was student teaching last semester I was on the sidelines as the students were doing a quiz or something and accidentally said the ‘f-word’ under my breath. A student who was walking by heard me so I started apologizing profusely, to which they responded “That’s okay. That’s not even the worst thing I’ve heard you say.” I have no idea what I said and they would not give me any other details. I still think about it sometimes.

9. This one’s my mom’s story. She has a lot of allergies, so for a while she was using a neti pot every morning (one of those new agey things where you rinse your sinuses with salt water). One day during her first period class, I think sophomore Spanish, a kid asks for help with a worksheet. So my mom walks over to his desk, bends over… and water pours out of her nose all over his paper, ruining the sheet. I guess you have to tip your head just right to get all the water out. She hasn’t done the neti pot since then.

10. When I was a TA in university I used the washroom just before a lab started. Normally, I don’t have any issues. This time I let out 2 drops after I zipped up. I also happened to be wearing light blue jeans. There was no way I could dry this in time and it was important I was there on time. There were about 20 first year students and they definitely noticed. I was the TA who peed himself.

11. I was showing a class of 8th graders how to make something out of clay and as I was demonstrating I said, “Now slap your balls back and forth in your hands.”
I mean, I taught middle-schoolers so my embarrassment never lasts, but lordy, did that that turn my face red.

12. We were discussing love at first sight as we read Romeo and Juliet in a ninth grade class. I asked them how much looks matter. They agreed looks matter a lot. I meant to say, “You don’t normally look across the mall and say, ‘Wow, I bet she’s got a good personality.'”
I actually said, “You don’t normally look across the mall and say, ‘Wow, I bet she gives good personality.'”
Clearly not what I should have said.

H/T Reddit

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