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Team Trump Just Made A MASSIVE Announcement About His VP Pick!


Paul Manafort, top aide to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, has just revealed that the Republican nominee won’t mick a woman or a minority as his vice president because it would be “viewed as pandering.”

For the past several weeks, many Republican insiders believe that Trump should look at appointing a woman to his ticket to help combat against Hillary Clinton.

From Breitbart:

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s top aide Paul Manafort suggested the billionaire won’t select a woman or a minority to be his vice presidential candidate because “that would be viewed as pandering, I think.”

In an exclusive sit down with the Huffington Post, Manafort said Trump should pick someone with significant political experience.

“He needs an experienced person to do the part of the job he doesn’t want to do. He sees himself more as the chairman of the board, than even the CEO, let alone the COO,” Manafort explained.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, during a previous appearance on CBS, said the vice presidential choice will have “federal legislative experience.

While Trump’s campaign has stated that he will likely not pick a woman or minority simply because of the appearance of pandering, it seems Trump is more concerned with picking a running mate that has Washington experience, which would prove a powerful asset for the outsider candidate.


Who do you think Trump should select as his running mate to help balance out his candidacy? Share your thoughts below! 

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Comments on “Team Trump Just Made A MASSIVE Announcement About His VP Pick!”

  1. montanagirl100 says:

    Good judgement again from Donald Trump!
    It’s not in the female DNA to be President of the U.S.A. Newt Gingrich would be a terrific choice and partner. The perilous times in our country demands two genius men with similar mind-sets in most issues.