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Ted Cruz Does An AMAZING Impression Of This Classic Movie Scene (Hilarious!)

Ted Cruz

Speaking to a local news team in New Hampshire, Ted Cruz launched into a tangent involving his recollection of a scene from The Princess Bride, which he immediately started reenacting.

Specifically, he throws himself into the scene in which Miracle Max, played by Billy Crystal, is asked to revive Wesley because he must get back to his ‘true love.’

Cruz nails the impression of Crystal’s character and pretty much narrates the scene in every detail as well.

Via Mediaite:

When speaking to a local New Hampshire ABC affiliate Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz went on a long aside about his favorite scene from the movie “The Princess Bride.”

“One of my favorite scene is when Wesley, the Dread Pirate Roberts, is brought in to Billy Crystal, and he’s dead. But Billy Crystal says ‘Ah, he’s only mostly dead,’” Cruz said, before launching into a lengthy (and pretty spot-on) Billy Crystal impersonation.

After Cruz finished his recitation, the roomful of journalists applauded. “My media team is now having a heart attack,” he joked.

Watch Cruz perform for the reporters below …

The roundtable of WMUR journalists gave him an ovation after the performance.

If you don’t quite recall that particular scene, or if for some terrible reason you’ve never had the joy and privilege of seeing The Princess Bride, here is the clip in question.

Comment: Compare and contrast – What did you think of Cruz’ ‘Princess Bride’ impersonation? Did he nail it?

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