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Ted Cruz Just Made A BOLD Prediction About California!


Cruz went to California on Monday to declare the winner of the state will win the GOP nomination. Everyone knows if Cruz doesn’t win over 88% of the remaining delegates, he will hit a huge brick wall. What do I mean by that? By the end of this month, Cruz will run out of delegates he can get to reach the required 1237, thus his campaign is over.

From The Hill:

“I am going to say a sentence that has not been said in 50 years,” Cruz said during a rally in California.

“California is going to decide the Republican nomination for president.”

Cruz urged California voters to unify behind his campaign, saying he is the candidate who can beat Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clintonin a general election.

During the rally, Cruz also hit GOP front-runner Donald Trump, touting his own recent victories. He said when Trump loses, he yells, screams and whines in response.

“And some late night fevered tweeting,” Cruz added.

“And the latest thing he seized upon is when people vote against him, they’re stealing the election. It’s a really odd notion,” he said.

“‘What is this democracy of which you speak. You mean voters get to vote?'” Cruz said, imitating Trump.

Trump’s campaign slammed Cruz following the Texas senator’s recent win in the Wisconsin primary, calling him “worse than a puppet” and saying he is being “used by party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump.”

Excuse me for being blunt, but Sen. Ted Cruz’s political career is now as dead as John Edwards’. Cruz is too narcissistic to acknowledge it, but not only is his presidential campaign over, so is his Senate career.

Cruz is now The Walking Dead of politics. He could soon be embroiled in a sex scandal… and although some of the alleged females may be denying it (and they may be right or just too embarrassed), if there is a hooker involved, presumably she has everything to gain by going public. You can ask a certain former NY Governor about how that will work out.

The next stage in this process will be for Cruz to have a friendly TV interview, sitting on a couch with his tearful wife, as he projects carefully rehearsed fake outrage. This worked for Bill Clinton, but that was a different time and won’t work for Cruz.

Watch this video here:

I used to be a Cruz fan, but I have learned so many things over the past five months about him, and how he not only conducts his campaigns but how he puts the blame on someone else for his mistakes. Because of that, I can’t follow or even support.

H/T – The Hill

What do you think of Cruz and his prediction? Knowing he will run out of states and delegates needed to reach 1237 before California, do you think it’s likely the winner of that state will be the GOP nominee? Share your comments (below) and add this story to your Twitter and Facebook page.

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