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Ted Cruz Just Received The WORST Endorsement EVER!!


Under normal circumstances, an endorsement for president by a fellow member of the United States Senate would be something to brag about. However, when Idaho Senator Jim Risch endorsed Ted Cruz yesterday, you could say it was less than enthusiastic.

When asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if he was endorsing the Texas Senator, Risch responded “I guess. It depends on your definition.” Not the most enthusiastic of endorsements for Cruz! I wonder if Cruz would have preferred the Idaho senator say nothing at all?

From CNN:

When Republican Sen. Jim Risch endorsed colleague Ted Cruz, it wasn’t exactly glowing.

The Idaho senator spoke with Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” talking at length about how he “hopes” his Texas colleague will win the GOP nomination and how he’s the only viable choice among the candidates for the Republican nomination.

But when Blitzer remarked that Risch was only the third senator to endorse Cruz, after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Risch was taken aback.

“Did I just endorse, Wolf?” he said.

“You sort of said you prefer him over the two,” Blitzer responded, to Risch’s agreement. “That sounds like an endorsement, doesn’t it?”

“I guess,” Risch replied. “It depends on your definition.”

The Republican senator had said at the beginning of the interview that he has yet to make another endorsement since Florida Sen. Marco Rubio dropped out, but said as a “matter of pragmatics” there is really only one candidate worth supporting.

He cited polling, in part, for his assessment.

“It is stunning the defeat that Donald Trump would face against Hillary Clinton, it probably would be epic and historical,” Risch said of the front-runner. He added, “Obviously (John) Kasich is so far behind, it’s impossible really for him to get the numbers, so by process of elimination that gets you to Ted Cruz.”

Here’s a video on the “endorsement”:

If you were Cruz would you appreciate such an endorsement or would you have preferred Senator Risch not have said anything? Share your thoughts below!

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