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Ted Cruz Just SCREWED Over Donald Trump In A HUGE Way!


After last weekend’s controversial results in the Colorado state convention, Donald Trump just received some awful news from Nebraska.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz just picked up additional delegates over “no show” Donald Trump during the state’s local conventions.

From Breitbart:

“Party officials say they saw virtually no organization by the mogul’s campaign last week when Republicans in all 93 Nebraska counties held local conventions. Those county conventions picked 800 delegates to May’s Nebraska state convention, where 33 delegates to the national convention in Cleveland will be selected,” Politico reports. “Because there was little resistance, many county conventions became Cruz pep rallies, according to interviews with party insiders and convention attendees.”

“I didn’t see any Trump supporters,” said Washington County GOP member John Orr told Politico.

“The only person there that had any kind of organization there was Cruz. No one showed up with Trump,” said former state legislator Tim Gay.

Cruz has used his ground game in a number of states, most recently Colorado, to select delegates who support him. This will be beneficial if Trump fails to reach the 1,237 delegate threshold at the Republican National Convention where the delegates become unbound on the second ballot and can vote for whichever candidate they favor.

Cruz is expected to win the Nebraska winner take all primary on May 10.

The concern among many Trump supporters is that the GOP frontrunner doesn’t have the infrastructure necessary in each state to win the needed delegates! Cruz, who has proven to be the ultimate insider candidate when it comes to winning delegates, continues to pick up delegates in states such as Colorado, Louisiana, and now Nebraska.

Trump needs to stock up on his delegate strategy in order to prevent a nasty convention fight which could see the GOP establishment openly rob him of the nomination!

Should Trump be worried after this latest loss in Nebraska? Share your thoughts below!

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