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Since Losing To Trump, Cruz Received The Worst News Of Career!

Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz chose not to endorse Donald Trump on a national stage when he had the chance. Now it’s looking like it’s time to pay the piper. Texas Republicans are not happy Cruz chose a path that could lead Hillary Clinton to the White House and they are letting it known with these latest poll numbers.

Let’s agree, there are less than two years for him to make up ground but many people who were with him will not be with him in 2018 when he seeks re-election.

He’s not an honorable man, just like Jeb Bush. Their words are crap! Did they think we’d forget. He also ruined his chance at a future presidential run. They both committed political suicide. We the people are fighting to take back our country from what we deem is a rotten Congress. He didn’t want to be a part of it so we don’t want to be a part of him.

From DFW:

Sen. Ted Cruz won the Republican presidential primary in Texas with nearly 44 percent of the vote. But most voters now do not think very highly of the U.S. lawmaker, according to the latest KTVT-CBS 11/Dixie Strategies Poll numbers which were released on Thursday.

More than 52 percent of those likely to vote in the upcoming election said that they found Cruz to be “very unfavorable.” This opinion extends across all race and gender lines, and matches closely to the thoughts of those in the DFW area specifically.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.34.45 PM

While the GOP nominee has been a point of divisiveness within the party, Cruz’s choice to not endorse the real estate mogul has turned voters against him, the survey showed.

More than 53 percent of Republican voters in Texas find Cruz to be either “much less favorable” or “somewhat less favorable” after he opted not to offer an endorsement for GOP nominee Trump. The biggest swings in opinion came from Republicans who identified themselves as being either liberal or moderate.

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Our survey also shows if the election for U.S. Senate was held today, it would be a tight race for Cruz. Almost 32 percent of Texans said that they would still vote for Cruz over Democratic U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro of San Antonio, who recently told CBS11 he’s considering running against Cruz. The men are separated by less than a percentage point.

More than 22 percent of likely voters said that their ballots are up for grabs. Around another 14 percent of likely voters are planning to select a different candidate.

Cruz will reap what he has sowed. He lied continuously during the Republican debates and primaries. He tried circumventing the rules that were in place regarding delegates for the Republican nomination for president.

In a nutshell, he refused to endorse or support Trump after he lost the Republican Party nomination fair and square in spite of pledging to support the eventual Republican nominee. People have now seen the true face of the Senator and it isn’t pretty. He stands a very real chance of losing the next congressional election in two years due to his own personal actions.

Do you think Cruz will be re-elected in Texas or has he destroyed his political life with that stunt he pulled at the Republican convention? Share your voices below and give us an idea what you think.



  1. henry knox says:

    Ted Cruz will be re-elected because he has remained true to his beliefs and constituents. He has made the hard choices because of his integrity. He chose not to take the easy path and he will be proven right. We can still vote for Trump because he is obviously a better choice than HiLIARy but an endorsement would have made him a party man. He is expected to be a representative of the people not the party. There are so very few true representatives of the people in Washington DC. We must hold to principles or we will be lost.

  2. montanagirl100 says:

    Cruz next to Trump? Not even close !!
    Cruz was in it for himself all the way through! Trump is in it for the people all the way through!
    Cruz does not have the Integrity, the Power, the Honesty that Trump has.
    Cruz showed America that he was jealous of Trump and vindictive towards him. Had he pulled with Trump all the way through, people would’ve taken to him better. Nobody wants a Parroting establishment conservative any longer.

    1. Robert says:

      To the point and very true. The very same thing I seen in Cruz.

  3. Rose says:

    Cruz only one running for Peez who agreed with me and never wavered from what he told his voters.
    No other Nominee from any other Party is Honest Trustworthy or Could or Would Restore USA Constitutional Republic.
    Fed Gov is defunct.
    TEXIT is only salvation for Liberty and Justice for WeThe People.
    Cruz only politico who kept his integrity and promises to constituency.

  4. Malissa says:

    Funny how KARMA works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gmhunt says:

    Ted Cruz will be re-elected to the Senate………..he is one of the few in the Senate with any integrity