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Ted Cruz ROASTS Journalist – Then Something Happened NO ONE Was Expecting!

Earlier this week, Deadspin, a sports blog owned by the leftist rag Gawker, had referenced a Politico story which detailed how Cruz is trying to “reinvent his role in Washington.” Among the things Cruz is reinventing for his image? Picking up basketball.

In response to that news, Deadspin tweeted out the following.

Cruz decided to join in, poking fun at himself because a number of people compare his likeness to Duke basketball player Grayson Alley. Deadspin didn’t appreciate it – and replied in the least classy way possible, prompting a hilarious response from Cruz.

That wasn’t the end of it.

The exchange led to a number of people mocking those managing Deadspin’s social media. That prompted Deadspin’s editor to call them all out as cowards, and challenge them to a fight in a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship – a mixed martial arts league) ring.

There was just one problem for him.

One man stepped up to the plate – and he actually is a UFC fighter.

Here’s a snippit from his Wikipedia page, just to get an idea of how much of a bada** he is.

Glenn Beck and Kennedy have put up a combined $100,000 that’ll go to charity if Marchman takes up the offer.

Think he’ll be the one afraid to step into the ring now? I think so.