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YIKES: Ted Cruz Supporters Rally Behind HILLARY!

Unless divine intervention occurs, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to be facing off in November. Who the supporters of the runner ups in each race support (Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz) will be crucial in securing the election.

Here’s how that’s looking for Trump thus far.

Sixty-two percent of Cruz supporters say they would support Trump against Clinton, while 13 percent say they would back Clinton. Twenty-five percent of Cruz supporters said they don’t know or had no opinion on whom they’d support in a Clinton and Trump matchup.

Take this with a grain of salt. Many of us were reluctant to rally behind Romney in 2012 but ended up doing so  behind the voting booth.

As for Clinton, 33% of Bernie Sanders supporters say they would never consider voting for her.

still-active AOL poll, has close to 50% of participants indicating they would consider voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton should Bernie Sanders not receive the Democratic Party nomination.

The best case scenario here would be Sanders running as a third party, which would split the vote in favor of Trump.

H/T The Morning Consult

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Comments on “YIKES: Ted Cruz Supporters Rally Behind HILLARY!”

  1. Marlynne says:

    Well that shows you who Cruz is… Hillary with out a skirt!….