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Cruz Makes HUGE Announcement About Trump Endorsement

Ted cruz

I can’t say I was surprised that it happened, but many were outraged that Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump during his speech at the RNC. While he should’ve endorsed Trump – as he was one of the candidates who pledged to back the eventual Republican nominee during the first Republican debate – at least he showed up to the convention. John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Jeb! Bush didn’t even bother to attend.

While he didn’t endorse Trump at the RNC, an endorsement could very well be coming in the future.

According to Buzzfeed, Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe said that despite the high drama and personal insults that have flown back and forth, Cruz may still be open to officially endorsing Trump at some point in the future, though not just yet.

Though Cruz seemed to double down on that non-endorsement Thursday morning, saying the highly touted “pledge” to support the eventual nominee was “abrogated” when Trump got personal regarding Cruz’s family, the story may not yet be entirely over, if what his campaign manager told reporters was true.

That pledge, we said on the campaign trail when it happened, the day it happened, and mostly since but everybody stopped caring as much, is that when he took this race and what Donald Trump said about his family, that was the end of the pledge,” Roe said.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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  1. montanagirl100 says:

    Ted Cruz only showed up at the RNC to fulfill his own Self-Serving Agenda…!! It back fired !! If he endorses Trump sometime in the future, it will also backfire because Cruz will only do that for his own Self-Serving Agenda!

  2. Dean says:

    The Donald doesn’t need any endorsement from Cruz…party unity, my ass, he’s just a sore loser, thinking he was going to win riding on the backs of the Evangelicals…SORRY, Ted…!