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When Cruz Walked Off GOP Convention Stage, He Never Thought This Would Happen!

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Speaking at the Republican National Convention was a chance for Sen. Ted Cruz to be true to his his word. And, I like others have lost all respect for the man because of what he refused to do. But you will never guess what happened to him after he left the convention stage on Wednesday night.

GOP donor Sheldon Adelson had initially invited Cruz to his suite at the convention, but when Cruz didn’t officially endorse Donald Trump, Adelson closed his event to Cruz. That’s right — Cruz was locked out of the special celebration.

All politics aside, Ted had the biggest opportunity to unite team Cruz with team Trump. But, he let his pride get in the way. He refused to submit to the will of the people or keep his promise to the pledge that he signed. This could have been the moment to shine on unity, but he didn’t.

From Newsmax:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has turned away from the luxury suite of GOP donor Sheldon Adelson after his speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, according to the Independent Journal Review.

A former U.S. senator inside the luxury box at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena told the Review that Cruz approached the suite after his speech, in which he refused to offer an endorsement to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

An Adelson aide confirmed to the Review the Texas senator was denied access because he did not endorse Trump.

In his speech, Cruz congratulated Trump on becoming the nominee, then he urged voters to vote their conscience.

“Don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution,” Cruz said.

Cruz was later greeted with boos from GOP delegates for refusing to endorse Trump, and his wife, Heidi, had to be escorted out by security.

Andy Abboud, an Adelson aide, said Cruz had an invitation to visit the Adelson family’s suite, until his speech. “When he didn’t endorse, they were stunned and disappointed,” the aide told CNN. “They like Ted Cruz but there was no way the Adelsons were going to be the first stop after not endorsing. That would be disrespectful to our nominee.”

Take a look at this video report:

The Republican people chose Donald Trump. Ted Cruz forgot that he works for the people, not his personal agenda. He apparently doesn’t care about what the people want. This is entirely disrespectful to the Republican Party.

Do you think Cruz can come back from this? Can he recover? Share your voice below in the comment section.

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H/T: Newsmax


Comments on “When Cruz Walked Off GOP Convention Stage, He Never Thought This Would Happen!”

  1. Mike says:

    I thought Ted Cruz was disgraceful. He started his speech powerfully but by half way through I could sense the verbal gymnastics involved in avoiding Trump’s name or saying anything clearly positive about the party’s nominee and Hillary’s opponent. I think it was selfish. It was grossly unwise and destructive. I once contributed to Ted’s campaign and I respect his knowledge and formerly his integrity. But it seems that in order to preserve his own sense of righteous superiority he’s willing to put our nation and the world at risk. That was so unwise that I do not think he’s qualified for national office. He failed me and many others who loved Ted. We’re on board to beat the hell out of Hillary and undo the evil Obama agenda. Ted appears more concerned with keeping his own accounts straight. That’s weak, blind, and corrupt.