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Ted Cruz’s Numbers With Women Are So Horrible In THIS STATE It’s Not Funny!

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Calls For 'Broad Coalition' Day After Campaign Launch

The only way Ted Cruz will get the nomination is if the Republicans would rather lose than have Donald Trump represent them. Cruz will never beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. They both have too many idiots voting for them, and no intelligent person would ever vote Cruz. If Cruz wins the nomination, then the majority of Republicans will just throw their vote away.

When the media talks about women hating Trump, it’s funny they don’t interview the women working for him or those who have worked for him. Don’t you find that strange? But we as voters are to think Cruz will be the best advocate for women? Has Cruz created jobs for women? When was the last time Cruz was out front on women’s issues and I don’t mean the Planned Parenthood videos where all Republican congressmen were outraged.

Well, it’s not going to work! Cruz unfavorable numbers among women in Rhode Island, which votes on Tuesday are so high; I’ve never see Trump hit these peaks.

From The Conservative Treehouse:

For the past several weeks Senator Ted Cruz has been running a presidential campaign based on a strategy to ‘win despite the voters’.  The latest Brown University poll (full pdf below) of Rhode Island voters highlights why.

The Brown U Poll shows Donald Trump with a lead of 38%, Governor Kasich second with 25% and Ted Cruz in dead last with only 14% support.

The poll surveyed a random sample of 600 registered Rhode Island voters who are likely to vote in the presidential primaries. It was conducted April 19 to 21 and has an overall margin of error of 4 percent.

However, the 19 Rhode Island delegates are distributed proportionally (13 by state vote count, and six by the two congressional districts’ vote count) with a minimum threshold of 10% to get any delegates; so even with only 14% it is possible for Senator Cruz to pick up a few delegates.

  • Two congressional districts with 3 delegates each (6). Divided by the top three candidates – minimum threshold 10%.
  • The state delegate distribution (13) is essentially one delegate per 7.7% of the popular vote.


We all know someone that believes they are always right and are always vocal about that belief. They tend to preach and pontificate instead of converse. They are the boor at the party, and heaven help the innocent that accidentally offers an opinion not in line with that person’s perfect understanding of the issue.

No doubt, you can see that person in your mind’s eye. In the Senate, that person is Cruz. Socially, he would be a boor. In the Senate, he is annoying and ineffective. As president, he would be remarkably destructive.

Women will have a problem connecting with him and his campaign if he makes it out of the GOP primaries and that’s a fact. He has no crossover appeal and his hard stance on women’s issues without the idea of even compromising would be his undoing.

What do you think of Cruz’s chances in Rhode Island? Can he pull it out or is done? Share your comments below and add this story to your Twitter and Facebook page.

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