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Teen Being Booked at Police Station Saves Officer’s Life

Florida teen, Jamal Rutledge, was being booked for suspicion of violating juvenile probation last September, when Officer Franklin Foulks collapsed.

Foulks was having a heart attack. Meanwhile, Rutledge was handcuffed for processing and could offer little help himself.

Instead, the teen quickly went over to the security fence at the police station and began kicking it, alerting other officers to the emergency situation developing.

Rutledge is now being credited with saving the officer’s life.

Via Yahoo!:

A Florida police department is honoring a teenager for his role in saving the life of the cop who arrested him.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, was sitting with his hands cuffed behind his back in a booking area of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department last September when Officer Franklin Foulks keeled over.

Surveillance footage shows the young man, who was suspected of violating juvenile probation, walk over to the locked door of the security fence and start kicking it, yelling to alert other officers that Foulks was in distress.

“The teen is being recognized with doing the right thing when presented with a challenging circumstance,” Detective DeAnna Greenlaw said in an interview with Yahoo News.

The following is surveillance footage of the incident:

Rutledge, along with three officers who helped save Foulks’ life after being alerted to the situation, will be honored at a Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting next Wednesday.

With a history of arrests, could an incident like this help propel this teen to want to do more good things in the future? Share your thoughts below.