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Teens Thought They Successfully Robbed a Store Until Armed Witness Says These 7 Words!


A Kansas man thwarted a would-be robbery attempt at a sporting goods store, since he was legally allowed to carry and use his concealed gun, thanks to a new law.

Three teenagers took aim at Topeka Academy Sports + Outdoors, a store that Joey Tapley just happened to be in making his own purchases.

The suspects were able to successfully rob the store at gunpoint of cash and various weapons.

That is, until Tapley, fresh off a July 1st ruling allowing Kansans to carry their weapons, uttered these words to the teens:

“Drop the gun, man, mine is loaded…”

Via the Blaze:

When he was outside the store, Tapley pulled out his concealed gun.

“I told him ‘Drop the gun, man, mine is loaded, just drop the gun,’” he told WIBW. “We made eye contact for a second or two and he dropped two guns and ran.”

Cops arrested the teen suspects and booked them into juvenile detention on assault, burglary and robbery charges. A woman also was arrested and booked on conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, the station said, adding that all the cash and rifles were recovered by police.

Just one in a number of examples where the good guy with a gun he obtained legally, stopped a bad guy with a gun he acquired illegally.

Here’s local coverage of the attempted robbery:

Tapley praised the new ‘constitutional carry’ law, saying “That’s what Kansas made the law for… a constitutional law so citizens can carry and protect themselves and others.”

Indeed, Tapley protected himself and others, while helping to apprehend three teens engaging in a violent crime. What better argument for concealed carry than this?

Comment: Do you think ‘constitutional carry’ laws help protect people and others around them better than gun-free zones?