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Ten People Who Practically Made Pranking an Art Form!

Looking to play a prank on your friends, family, or housemates? Here are ten passive-aggressive pranks you can play:

1. My sister was really passive-aggressive towards her roommate. She used to eat all the berries out of Kellogg’s Red Berries cereal but leave a small amount enough so she thought Kellogg’s was just being cheap.

2. Stick a wireless mouse receiver in one of the USB slots in the back of their desktop. Every once in a while, just move their mouse a little. Don’t overuse it.

3. Pennies. Leave a ton of pennies all over the place. If you know where they work, wait till they go out for lunch. Throw a few pennies on the floor of their office. Slip a few into their coat. If they leave the window on their car cracked, shove a few pennies inside it. If you are ever in their house, leave pennies in really weird places so that they will be discovered eventually. Pennies in the fridge. Pennies inside of their socks. If you can do it sneakily enough, put pennies into their pockets.

But never let them find out it’s you.

4. Lower their mouse speed 1 tick every week.

5. The Teabag was a good one when I lived at Uni.

Each and every time you get the opportunity, tape a teabag so it hangs outside one of your housemates rooms at about head height.

Sounds pretty tame but after 6 weeks of constantly walking into teabags, the guy went nuts and destroyed our entire stash of 300+ teabags with a knife.

It’s the most British prank ever.

6. Sneakily and steadily steal their silverware, one type and piece at a time.

I did this to my best friend over the course of two months and because he lives alone, he didn’t notice until we threw a 4th of July party.

There were two forks, one steak knife, a serving spoon, and 2 butter knives. We had about 15 people over and he was losing his mind.

It was hysterical.

7. Move their desk forward/backward half an inch every few days.

8. Sneak into their room, take their phone, take a picture of them sleeping and just leave.

9. For months as a child I systematically conditioned my younger brother to think it was cool to have a super small penis. I’d “insult” him by saying his was “sooo big”, and I’d “brag” saying mine was “sooo small”. It all paid off one day when I had friends over and we did something that made him SUPER angry. He screamed at me, “Your junk is so big you gotta roll it up and stick it in a back pack!”

I just stood there and enjoyed the feeling of complete and utter success. The look on my friends’ faces was priceless. Best moment ever.

10. I convinced my best friend’s girlfriend that I was studying abroad here from the Philippines. I met her our freshman year when my friend and I were roommates in the dorms. My friend knew I had a really good Filipino accent, so he planned this whole prank of me talking to his girl with my accent and we came up with this whole story of how I came from this poor village and am here to study in America for better opportunities.

It was supposed to be a one time prank, but we kept it going for no other reason other than we thought it was funny. She eventually caught me speaking regularly¬†about two years into it and my friend was able to convince her that I worked on my accent so that it wouldn’t hinder me when I look for jobs.

It’s been 6 years now and they’re engaged, going to be married next year. We still haven’t told her. It’s not even that funny anymore, but neither of us know how to break it to her. So we’re sticking with it.

H/T Knowable

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