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Terror in Paris as Dozen Murdered Over Anti-Islam CARTOONS

With “military-like precision” a group of gunmen armed not just with AK-47s but also a hit list of journalist’s names, stormed the offices of a French cartoon magazine, Charlie Hebdo, today yelling Islamic slogans. What had made these journalists targets for assassination? They had published cartoons which offended some Muslims. Some of the journalists shot were already on an al-Qaeda list for execution due to the creation and publishing of prior cartoons.


The reaction from those in the mainstream media has been a mixed bag. Mideast expert Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic tweeted this immediately following news of the massacre:

Having worked extensively on Islamic terrorism Goldberg, knows more than most about what is at stake in this war against radical Islam. Others, like the Telegraph in the United Kingdom, instinctively bent to terrorist sensitivities, blurring the image of the offending cartoons in their coverage of the attack,



Time will tell how the West responds to this latest battle in the war on Islamic terrorism. Will the media and governments around the world finally acknowledge this war, or will this attack be labeled another incident of “workplace violence?”

Do you think this is a turning point in our war against radical Islam?