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Terrorism Hits Ireland And The Culprits Aren’t Who You Think

Gunmen enter hotel

With ISIS committing and inspiring terror across the world, it is easy to forget that there are other groups out there who want to use violence to achieve their goals.

Some of you may remember the Irish Republican Army (IRA) a group dedicated to uniting the Ireland and Northern Ireland by any means.

They have since renounced violence.

Well, a splinter militant group of the organization is stirring up tensions again.

Killing one and injuring two in a shooting on Friday at a boxing match weigh-in.

More via BBC

The Continuity IRA (CIRA) said it also plans to carry out further attacks “on drug dealers and criminals”.

Irish police said they were “keeping an open mind in relation to the criminal groups involved”.

Three of the gunmen wore police-style SWAT team uniforms and were armed with AK47 assault rifles.

The police also said at least six people were involved in the attack at a weigh-in for a boxing match.

It came ahead of a Clash of the Clans boxing bout between Dubliner Jamie Kavanagh and Portuguese boxer Antonio Joao Bento.

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) European lightweight title fight was due to take place on Saturday night.

The man who died was David Byrne, 33, from Raleigh Square in Crumlin in the south of the city.

In a statement to the BBC, a man claiming to speak on behalf of the leadership of the Continuity IRA said its members were responsible.

A hard-line republican group, CIRA is violently opposed to any deal not based on a united Ireland. “Continuity” refers to the group’s belief that it is carrying on the original IRA mission to force Britain out of Ireland.

Terrorism, no matter who commits it or why, has to be condemned. These scumbags are no better than ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

If you believe in using violence to push your agenda, you are a terrorist. Simple as that.


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