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This is the Testimony that Could END Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

As disturbing as the recently released undercover Planned Parenthood videos have been, those hardly highlight the only crimes of PP. Last Thursday, Sue Thayer, a manager at Planned Parenthood for 17 years, gave testimony to Congress on the questionable, unethical, and illegal practices of the organization.

To quote the “highlights” of her testimony, first, there’s defrauding the taxpayer:

Planned Parenthood’s focus on its bottom line doesn’t just ignore women’s best interests. It also takes millions of excess dollars from taxpayers. My federal False Claims Act complaint alleges that Planned Parenthood filed false claims totaling about $28 million with Iowa’s Medicaid program for (1) illegally dispensing “medically unnecessary” quantities of oral contraceptive pills and birth control patches to C-Mail Medicaid patients and doing so without a  prescription; (2) fraudulently billing the Iowa Medicaid program for abortion-related services; and (3) coercing “donations” from Medicaid patients.

And if the taxpayer wasn’t enough, the poor have to pony up too:

Planned Parenthood has a negotiated price of $2.98 per cycle of birth control pills. But in Iowa and many other states they are allowed to bill Medicaid at the high rate of $35, receiving over $26 in reimbursement every month.  In addition to filling prescriptions without a prescription since we usually had no medical professional on-hand, leadership also implemented a “C-Mail program” by which birth control would be automatically mailed – eliminating the need for the woman to return for refills. Given our lower income and younger clientele this often meant that patients who had stopped using the pill, gotten pregnant, moved, or gone off to college would continue to receive pills in the mail automatically... All this meant extra revenue to Planned Parenthood

And don’t liberals like to make the argument that if abortion was illegal, all that would happen is women would instead get unsafe, illegal abortions? Well, Planned Parenthood’s “safe and legal”  abortions aren’t much of an improvement:

The doctor would then push a button and a drawer would open with the first abortion pill. She would then take the second pill at home, completing the abortion. We were told to tell women who experienced complications at home to report to the ER and just say they were having a miscarriage. This avoided attention from the local medical community when we would  be outsourcing complications to others. Planned Parenthood cut costs to the bone by performing abortions on a shoestring budget with little medical involvement.

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