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This Little Girl’s Campaign for Veterans Totally Inspired Us

Texas student patriotic

With all of the anti-military rhetoric in our country today, it’s important to remember those who refuse to attack our brave men and women who fight to protect us.

While some would rather disrespect our nation by kneeling or turning their back during the playing of our National Anthem, one Texas teenager proved why patriotism is not dead.

Kayla Armbruster, a 13-year-old San Antonio student, “took a suggestion from her father to write a letter to a veteran for her assigned community service project -only she expanded on the theme.”

From Breitbart:

Armbruster asked her English teacher, Jennifer Carsten, about getting other middle school students in other classes involved.

“I asked Mrs. Carsten, one of my teachers, to see if she could ask some of her students and ask some teachers to ask their students to write a letter to the veteran,” she said.

Shortly thereafter, she had 370 letters, of which 34 were compiled into a book and sent to 53 Fisher Houses, lodging for military families while their veteran receives treatment for illness, disease, or injury. Of the 71 Fisher Houses located worldwide, 53 are located in the U.S. at major military and Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers, near the hospitals they serve. Since 1990, the non-profit served 277,000 military families at no cost to the guests.

The 13-year-old told KSAT that Fisher Houses are like “Ronald McDonald houses, but for veterans’ families who can stay while the veterans are healing.”

Armbruster shared a few of the heartwarming letters that were published: “Thank you for your service. I’m glad that you fought for our country and risked your life for America’s freedom.”

More Americans should follow the lead of Ms. Armbruster rather than those who prefer to disrespect our nation.

How have you shown your support for our military? Do you think our country needs to do more for our veterans? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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