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Texans Voted On Seceding From The Union – Here’s the Result!


Texas Republican leaders gathered over the weekend to vote on various party proposals. One of them was a “non-binding resolution” endorsing the idea of Texas leaving the United States and once again becoming its own country. Here is the result:

In a voice vote Saturday afternoon, the State Republican Executive Committee rejected a measure that would have put the issue on the March 1 primary ballot. The ballot language would have been non-binding, amounting to a formal survey of voters on whether they would like to see Texas declare its independence from the United States.

So, for now, the Lone Star State will remain part of the United States. But don’t think the movement is going away!

If the Federal Government continues to disregard the Constitution and the sovereignty of the State of Texas, the State of Texas should reassert its prior status as an independent nation.”

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