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Thanks Science! You Can Now Make Healthy McDonald’s Fries at Home Using Just Five Ingredients

Did you know that every time you tuck into a portion of McDonald’s French fries you are eating something laced with tertiary butylhydroquinone and dimethylpolysiloxane?

Sounds delish, right?

And those are just two of the FOURTEEN ingredients used to make the world-famous potato product.

Well, if you don’t fancy loading up on obscure chemicals for lunch, fear not, because food blogger Brandi Milloy has taken to youtube to explain how to make your own version at home with just five ingredients:

You’ll need potatoes (obviously), peanut oil and a few obscure items like beef tallow.

So yes, you may need to ask for help from your local grocer in getting all five items. But the upside is when you scarf down your fried snack, you won’t be ingesting chemicals that sound like they should appear in dishwasher soap.

Hat tip to the London Mail for the story. And be sure to let us know what you think of the recipe below: