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FAIL! World’s Dumbest Criminal Jumped In The WRONG Car (Funny Video)


As far as arrests go, this one doesn’t get much easier.

A man caught shoplifting in Macedonia, Ohio tried to avoid arrest by jumping into a vehicle and slamming the gas pedal.

The problem? The attempted getaway vehicle was a police cruiser.  The would-be thief didn’t get very far.

The incident began when a security guard at the local Walmart watched Kevin Moultry and a friend fill up a shopping cart with $193 worth of groceries in the form of steaks, lobsters, shrimp, and skittles. Moultry and his friend walked their shopping cart right out of the store without paying, and the guard contacted police.

When an officer arrived, Moultry tried to make his daring escape.

Via Cleveland.com:

An Akron man tried to avoid an arrest on shoplifting charges by jumping into a Macedonia police cruiser, according to a report released Monday.

The officer arrived and asked Moultry if he stole anything, and Moultry told the officer that he didn’t. He also denied the officer’s request to search the Nissan. The officer went and looked in the window of the car and saw the items in the backseat, police reports say.

Moultry ran around the parking lot and jumped into the officer’s cruiser, police said. The officer grabbed Moultry through the open window and used a stun gun on his chest, according to police reports.

Watch the incredible dashcam video below …

Perhaps not the most well thought-out getaway plan in history.

Moultry was jailed on $100,000 bond, and charged with aggravated robbery, theft, and attempted assault on a police officer.

Hope that was worth the steak and skittles, my man.

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Comments on “FAIL! World’s Dumbest Criminal Jumped In The WRONG Car (Funny Video)”

  1. Adrian says:

    Poor guy, I hope he likes baloney sandwiches three times a day. So much for those lobsters.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.